Is there anything more delightful and fun than a well-written picture book? I began collecting picture books when I was still in high school. Now I've joined the ranks of authors writing books that bring joy, and giggles to children.

The books below are ones I'm currently marketing, waiting for the right agent and publisher.


Who's in Control of Jared? 

Jared can't control his temper. He kicks his schoolmates when they call him Gorilla Breath or Slug Guts on the playground. When Dad asks Jared, "Who's in control of you?" Jared must figure out what to do the next time he's bullied.

I Make Animal Noises All Day Long 

"Sister says I sound like a fish when I drink my milk. Glub, glub, glub!"  

Preschoolers will love making the noises along with the narrator throughout this story.

It Hurts Right Here

"I'm fast, a race car driver. Have no fear. Uh-oh, Mommy, it hurts right here."  

The main character has a busy day of adventures, but ends up with owies throughout. He runs to his mom for comfort each time. Finally, he discovers something else that he can feel, "right here."   

If I Had a Polar Bear

A child imagines life with a polar bear for a pet. "We could both jump in the tub for a bubble bath, but if he did a belly flop, there would be a terrible sploosh!" Eventually the child imagines a different animal for a pet. 

If I Had A Giraffe is the next book in this set of three, followed by If I Had An Octopus.