After hosting nine exchange students in our home, I thought writing a middle-grade novel about an exchange experience would be a snap. Well, it wasn't a snap, but it was fun to write.

This manuscript is currently in the submission stage.


Adriana's Eyes

Twelve-year-old Karli knows that hosting a blind exchange student won't be easy, but she’s shocked when Adriana arrives from Spain unfriendly, uncooperative and downright mean. Karli has a summer full of outdoor activities planned for her new friend, but Adriana has been taught to be afraid of everything and wants to stay inside all the time. 

The difficult summer culminates with a camping trip where the girls quarrel about a boy and Adriana stomps off--only to end up lost in the woods. Karli must set aside her own plans and feelings to save Adriana. 

Finally, Karli comes to understand that the blind Adriana sees some things that Karli herself cannot, and both girls learn the true meaning of friendship.