Most of my freelance writing is about the years I spent raising my four children. My essays have appeared in regional, national and international publications. You will find a list of all my essays below, even those that have not yet been published! Contact me if you'd like to include one in your publication.   

Dandelion Wishes

While caring for my baby who is stricken with seizures, I become obsessed with trying to create perfection in just one area of my life -- my lawn. 

Published in
BC Parent Magazine, Holiday 2012

Singing Lessons

When my little daughter asks me to sing to her, I tell her I can't sing well. Then I recall my own mother telling me the same thing when I was young, making me realize that singing to my little one has to do with love, not with the quality of my voice.

Published in:
BC Parent Magazine, Educational Issue 2012
Broward Family Magazine, May 2014
Thin Threads: Moms and Grandmas, 2011, an anthology


(humor) My three-year-old daughter turned into an on-the-floor-I-won't-talk-to-you-with-anything-but-kitty-talk kitty. It lasted six weeks and drove me crazy!

Kitty-Child has been reprinted in several regional parenting magazines in the US and Canada.

Published in:
Broward Family Life, December 2014
Atlanta Parent Magazine, February 2012
BC Parent Magazine, Holiday 2011
Parent Wise: Austin, October 2011

Morning Madness

(humor) My family slept in the morning of my son's ninth birthday. That set the tone for the rest of the day as I prepared for my book club to arrive: I found my missing soup tureen filled with shampoo and bark under my son's bed, twisted my ankle on a dustpan acting like a skateboard, and set my kitchen on fire.

Published in:
BC Parenting Magazine, March 2012

The Best Gift

I find myself home with my three year-old son when his two bossy sisters are away for the day. I try and spend one-on-one time -- touted by a recent parenting magazine as the best gift a parent can give their child. However, I am surprised when he asks for time alone.

Published in:
New Jersey Family Magazine, July 2014
BC Parenting Magazine, Summer 2013

Zoo Attractions

A sweltering day at the zoo goes nowhere until an unusual creature catches my children's attention.

Published in:
BC Parent Magazine, Summer 2014
Broward Family Magazine

Don't You Know Dahlias?

While walking through a farmer's market, I pause by a stall full of beautiful dahlias. I am instantly reminded of my beloved grandmother and an unhurried time in my childhood. 


Published in
GreenPrints: A Weeder's Digest 


Fabulous Family Interviews

Conducting interviews with our children all began when our oldest daughter, then three, announced she wanted to grow up and be a giraffe. This essay is full of tips and sample questions so that readers can perform their own family interviews. 

Published in:
West Coast Families, Vancouver BC, April 2015
San Diego Families, April 2015

Writing Thankful Letters

Teaching children to show gratitude can be difficult. But we conquered that when we had the kids write letters of appreciation to people who are not normally acknowledged. And as usual, I'm the one that may have learned the lesson the best.

Published in:
Houston Family, October/November 2014


Seeing Clearly

When I was a teen, I lost a contact lens at the top of a wind-blasted, sandy gorge. I found the lens in a very unexpected way.

The New Era has purchased first rights to this essay. It will appear soon in their magazine, which is distributed worldwide.

Other Essays Available for Publication

I Want Gu-u-u-m!

Out of cold cereal on a Saturday morning, I make a dash to the grocery story with my two hungry kids in tow. That's when my older child teaches the younger one "the rule," and we conquer the "gimmies."

School Bus Blues

Watching the school bus pull away without my young daughters aboard makes me wonder if we've made the right decision to homeschool.

Angel of Mercy

Band-Aids have a way of sticking to kids long after they are serving any purpose. Pulling them off can cause more trauma than the original owie. I have an unusual way of removing them!

De-escalating Elevator Fears

Traveling abroad and trapped between floors in a hotel skyscraper, I must come to grips with my long-held elevator fears. This piece became a finalist for short memoir in the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association Literary Contest, in 2015.